Monday, 11 August 2008

Ello, Ello

What's up people.. i'm Paul, a good friend of Murphy's, and i've had the absolute pleasure of being invited as a guest contributer to her blog - what what! Very soon you'll hear my tales, talks and opinions, but today I thought i'd post something that's quite relevant right now.
Going through old bits of paper, bills etc, I came across a book containing my scribblings, writings and such like and this one piece, written sometime in late December/early January, is still ringing true in my mind - though I musta been quite angry the day I wrote it! Anyways, here it is folk's....

'Words of Warning'

I've started to notice a little of late
your mouth's running fast
you should give it a break
you're always chattin' someones B
but hear these words - 
Don't chat 'bout me.
I'm tired of hearing that 'mygirls a slut'
that 'this one's got issues'
that 'this one does drugs'
and, truth be told
 - and i'll tell it straight - 
your own track record; it ain't that great.
'Cos I was there when you sucked his dick
when you popped that pill
when you tried those tricks
and I was there when you ran those games
so who you tellin' to watch their ways?
You need to - 
Hush your gums, keep your jaw locked tight
you should - 
watch your business, allow the fight
'cos i'm spittin all these warring words
but trust when I say there'll be much worse
You know, people will realise that you're chattin shit
that you're more than two-faced
that you're more than a bitch
and when that day comes
 - I know how you do - 
you'll be bawling your eyes out
claim you're 'broken in two'
crying "I never did it, I never said Jack"
Bitch, don't come to me chattin' your Fraff
I won't have time for your sorry words
i'd warned you once, you shoulda heard
but i'll warn you again, just the same,
when I run into you, don't look my way
going on fiesty, runnin' your mout'
be careful I don't let YOUR B out
cos don't think I wont tell your man what you done
you'll soon come to realise your game aint so fun
so learn your lesson
don't chat so free
and once again,
Don't chat bout me.

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Niyi Crown said...

I'm a little scared.