Friday, 15 August 2008

Feels Good.....

As of late ive been feeling super 'EMO' (yes that word will come up alot..i love it and it just sum's alot up) just been a bit low on energy and motivation, but thats okay, we all have our moments its only natural. 
Now as most of y'all know, working in any creative industry, takes alot of hard work and determination , plus talent that will get you where you want to be, this takes time though.....
Makeup i feel is one of the hardest, you have to assist for years before anyone will take you seriously, regardless of how amazing your portfolio is.
I've been in this game since i was 17,  now at 21 iam just starting to get the work ive always wanted, and even then as qualified  as i am and as much experiance ive had, iam still at times expected to work for free..........

So my boy Ashley ( who is big in the P.R game) calls me up and tells me hes got a spot of work for me, now coming from big boy Ashley, the first thing that runs though my head is dolla dolla bills y'all..........ERRR NO!!!.......HA!
Ash continues to explain it not paid but fully credited, for an 'new' magazine called ANGLOMANIA.....................what the fuck do i care??
As far as iam concerned, i aint ever heard of this mag, its not paid and full credit backside!!!
......but i love ashley and this is the first time he's asked me to do work, i did not want to be un-appreciative and i had nothing else of great importance to do that day (apart from singing disney classic's with Paul and Mark, but that was later in the evening).

So i'am to call a Miss Cleo Davies, who was incredibly sweet and polite. At this point iam thinking good peoples, why not......Kerrie get ur fucking arse up, sort out the kit and roll with it. Even though every inch of my body was sayin "NO" my head was saying "YES" and i found my self in the most amazing appartment in Embankment overlooking the London Eye.
Everyone from actor's and sportsmen are in and out (iam not going to drop names cuz thats so lame but FUCKING HELL!!! so many amazingly talented people all under the one roof) they were also holding castings for a film project and i felt right in my element.
So i get to work on this beautiful model that reminds me of an Egyptian princess, seriously this girls face was from the past!

Once all the good stuff is done, its time to shoot, which for me means sitting on the sides, waiting to powder, change hair, lip colours and all things makeup!
Within this time i ask Cleo if i could see a previous copy of the mag....and oh my fucking god!
Its a sports, fashion and lifestyle magazine for serious people.
I turn pages and see articles on Nelson Mandela, to the next page which is a spread on Tom Ford, interview and all, then to the next which is a collection of sportsmen decked out in couture! Its the kind of magazine a couple would both love and appreciate, theres no his or hers in the equation. Just a beautiful balance of lifestyle, sports, fashion and even beauty.

Theres not an official website as of yet, but heres a link to where u can take a deeper look!

The unexpected can be such a beautiful thing at times........

A lesson has been learnt yet again.... motivation is my key for now.
There is also no room for negative thought patterns.....imagine if id have thought "fuck that'!!
I would have never recieved this email from the loverly Miss Cleo


Just like to say a MASSIVE thanks for helping out on the shoot on Weds. We have just been looking at the pics and can;t believe how good Anara's face looks, it looks like she has been re-touched already - that was down to ur wicked make-up. I will definitely be in touch again regarding shoots, and i'll also try and sort out a little budget for you.

Also, what is the name of the band you are in?

Have a great weekend my love.

Cleo x"

That made me feel good, which is hard to find naturally in life.......

I cant wait to show u guys the images.....


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