Sunday, 10 August 2008

Royal Court Theatre.....Gone to far????

This is bad girl Jackie Orton, she is a family friend.

She is all things costume at the "Court"!!!
Very big in that game..belive me!

So Jackie invites me to come watch a show shes working on knowing my love for theatre....


"Nigeria, England, America, Jamaica; are you proud of where you're from? Dark skinned, light skinned, afro, weaves, who are your true brothers and sisters?

When two brothers from different continents go down the street to buy a pint of milk, they lift the lid on a disunited nation where everyone wants to be an individual but no one wants to stand out from the crowd.

Bola Agbaje's comic, astute new play about identity, history and culture depicts a world where respect is always demanded but rarely freely given.


Zawe Ashton
Tobi Bakare
Maria Charles
Ashley Chin
Phillip Edgerley
Munir Khairdin
Tunji Lucas
Ricci McLeod
Bunmi Mojekwu
Marcus Onilude

Direction: Bijan Sheibani
Assistant Direction: Laura McCluskey
Design: James Cotterill
Sound: Emma Laxton
Lighting: Nicki Brown
Costume: Jackie Orton
Choreographer: Aline David"

I brought Miss G along for the ride!!!! about time we caught up properly.........

After the first 10 mins, i was like..."Oh god, not another production about black people and some of the issues we face, done in typical clique form......oh god here we go"......... as i hear old skool garage in he back ground and listen to the cast with all the 'you get me doh init' and 'narr blad, man dont roll like that'.....i look around and realise iam actually in Slone square and iam actually surrounded by all the 'locals' who iam assuming have only seen this stero typical view of young black people...and in my head iam like NO NO NO NO STOP.......

....but then, the plot thickens! and i was amazed!!!!!

Quite surreal that there was a big knife crime scene, that made me cry!!!!!
Every issue imaginable was brought up...........

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!! ITS A FUCKING MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jackie.......x

2 comments: said...

I went to see this last week. Damn great show! I was laughin throughout, the Nigerian mother proper shouting in that proper African accent and then acting all English on the phone, so much like my own mama.. except she from Ghana and u know.. it Ain't Green white and Green. It's damn Red, Yellow and Green with a Black Star!

MURPHY said...

LOL....wasnt it amazing!!!

yer, the mum got me too!!!!