Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Her name is REDLEY

Ok, so i have this random friendship with a fellow myspacer,
where she will beautifully show me her most recent work, or like for example, she was the first to show me images from the Italian Vouge......yesss that one, iam sure you all kno about it, yes the "BLACK' one (like whatever) so anyway......
iam sure we've met in the dirty streets of east london, a few times actually, bt shes cool like that, hardly any photo's of herself or if there is you cant really work them out (you know them ways there), but iam always wasted in the street of east, so i never really know whats what with her! HA!......
We never have big conversations, or idol chit-chat, its all comment based, and its like BLAMMM she's throw something down on my page and then POOF she disappears,
and i wont hear from her for like two months......

I logged in today to find this on my page...........


Followed by another comment


Like what a cutie, and fuck!...... isnt her sketch style AMAZING???

You guys have to check her out, but down to her mystery u cant actually see her URL on myspace which is a damn shame cuz its one of the best and she always has the best music up on there, but shes rolls deep and has her own website


Go look into the future people!

And thank - you sweetheart, lots of love!!!!!!!


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Jay Wilson said...

Shes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Her work is sooooooooo me!