Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My Muma told me not to use it......

So today i was treated to a wonderful slap up meal and amazing seats at the Shaftesbury Theatre to see Hairspray!

To which, at first i was slightly skeptical about seen as a child i was obsessed with the original,(no really, like maybe 8 times a day....ONLY CHILD SYNDROME)  and nothing beats an original...... NOT EVER....LIKE NEVER!


How the hell can you beat that....Debbie Harry and all.......

and like this...watch out for the black and white dress....I WANT I WANT

and this...........

ahhhh blissss

I MEAN C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iam not even gonna entertain the re-make on my blog.....ew ew ew

but obviously enjoyed the flow of the evening and sat my booty in that theatre chair and tryed my best to take it all in with an open mind, unbiased opinion and just appreciate the work of the performers especially Michael Ball as 'Edna Turnblad'.......heeeee heeeee.......

they actually smacked it

was like watching the original, but only live and kicking, in your face!

Catch it if you can, i promise you will not be disappointed !!!!!


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