Friday, 1 August 2008

Salt beef Sam lives in a Cat farm!

Salt beef Sam..............

and his toddler cats.......

this one is partial to a bit of dip.

this one was a bit down.

this one is BRITONS NEXT TOP CAT......

"right photo shoot over girl iam off to bed"!

the mummy cat with a shaved side like mine!! YAY! matching cat!

awwwww buba!! u lil munchkin, sweet dreams........

Before all that i had a great night with some friends, went to see my mates band.

The Council

Was having to much fun to even bother with the camera, the cocktails where amazing and even more amazing, they where all freeeeeeeeeeeeee! HA!

The buss trip back to Sam's cat farm was pretty fun!
And i hate fucking buses !!!

My friends.

Then i made some new ones on the bus.........

i just caught this guy before he jumped off, i think he was a lil you? its all in the eyes.

she had the cutest dress on.

she let me listen to her music for a bit, we had our own little silent party for about a 3mintues.

but she was my fave!!! she was HOTT! her friend next to her was being shy, which is a damn shame, i mean look at her brolly!


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